We finally deployed the PSMII Easy Video Course on Udemy; you can get it from the link above.
You can find all the material on this website, plus some other extra lectures and helpful quizzes for the PSMII Assessment preparation.

I hope you will watch it and write your genuine review on Udemy.

Welcome to the PMGuide.cloud, the bookshelf made for helping you pass the major Project Management and Scrum Master certification exam. I know that certification requires time and money and, I want to share with you my experience.

If you like my guide, I invite you to make a Paypal donation, even 1€ (the equal of a coffee) can help me maintain the website and add more material.
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Remember that those guides are only an auxiliary tool that you need to integrate with the official book where it exists (for instance, reading the scrum guide for the PSM is mandatory).

The guides are based on my experience in preparing for the exam and integrated with quotes from the official documentation. Every quote has its owner explicated under it.

And I’m Guido Colangiuli. Look at this page if you want to read more about me.

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