Welcome to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) guide. This guide aims to help you pass the IASSC Black Belt exam covering all the Black Belt Body of Knowledge arguments and extend your knowledge about Lean and Six Sigma with this easy-to-use guide.

If you want to prepare other belts, you can just skip the chapter that doesn’t fit your body of knowledge. In addition, these arguments can hold even other Lean Six Sigma certifications like the ASQ, Villanova, and so on.

For this guide, you don’t need a prerequisite. You only need an estimation of two hours of study per day (like one or two) for a month.

Remember that:

  • It’s essential to try on your own to replicate the example and the formula in this guide. Excel or, in some cases, even Google Sheets are helpful tools;
  • Every quote on this website has its owner explicated under it;
  • This course isn’t industry-specific and can fit even for service. I came from the IT field;
  • I can’t assure the exam result, but I can help you with this guide.

My idea is that this content can help even in project management because processes are everywhere, and improving it helps save time money and improve quality.

If you prefer, you can buy from Amazon the Kindle version (even on Kindle Unlimited) or the printed book version. If you are not from Italy, you can directly search it on your country’s Amazon version.

I hope you will read it and write your genuine review on Amazon.

Course outline

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