In defining the problem and the scope of the project, the Voice of the customer has an essential role. Therefore, the main challenge is to depict what he needs in a concrete and valuable way, starting from his Voice.

Example: if the customer says that the time needed to estimate a project and make an offer is too long and he wants to short it (Needs), what does "too long" mean? We need to connect the word "too long" to a time attribute (the driver of the needs) where maybe too long is more than 30 days, so he wants a time shorter than that (the requirements that influence the driver). 

The primary way to get the voice of the customer is by collecting information. So we can do that in two main ways:

  • Proactive: We go directly to the customer asking for this information. Maybe we can ask simple questions or bring the same example/mockup to evaluate. This is the best way.
  • Reactive: We react to the client feedback, it’s not the best way, but it is also helpful. For example, we can look at the review on a website to assess the client’s say.

Remember that we can have two main kinds of customers:

  • Internal: that is internal to the organization, maybe we improve a process internal of the organization;
  • External: External to the organization like a client, end customer, etc.

We will look that there are some tools that start from the needs and help to collect the driver and requirements under that (for instance the critical to quality tree)

For the exam you need to remember:

  • It’s essential to collect the voice of the customer and transform it in a testable way.
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