In a Six Sigma project the main roles ar at least:

  • Six Sigma Leader: the one who know the six sigma practice;
  • Process owner: the one who own the process and need for the improvement;
  • Process expert: they will help you to all the step of defining, measure, analyze, etc phase because it’s the subject matter expert.

The Six Sigma leader is a black belt six sigma certified. In vast project, it can be helped by green belt accredited people.

Process owner and Process Expert can be even the some people.

Other secondary role can be:

  • Scribe: Record all the activity;
  • Time Keeper: who keep the events and the meeting on time;
  • Sponsor: who provide the resource for the project like people and money;
  • Project manager: who keep time, cost, and scope of the project under control.

In addition the team can be:

  • Ad hoc: formed for the project;
  • Cellular: a small permanent team;
  • Cross-functional: get from the different department;
  • Parallel team: more than one team that works on the same target.

Because a Six Sigma project is a project, in this case, Project Management practice can be integrated into the governance of the lean six sigma project.

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