X-Y Diagram is a matrix that helps prioritize the X input variable regarding how they impact the Y output variable. For this reason, they are also called prioritization matrix or correlation matrix.
Basically, you have the X input on the row and the Y on the column. You have a score based on how the X impacts the Y on the XY intersection.
You also have an extra column with the sum of the score for each X and an extra row that gives weight to each Y variable.

In table1 you can look an example of X-Y Diagram.

Table1 – X-Y Diagram

For istance the Tot of x1 is calculated as: 1*10 + 1*15 +2*10 = 45. So in this case is the one with the less score. Instead x3 with its 75 score is more important.

To make this table an important imput are the list of CTQ (critical to quality, that are the voice of the customer) variable because are the Y of the table. The X are all the possibile input of the process.

The XY diagram can be helpful as an input for the Design for the experiment because it gives the more important variable to test.

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