A control plan is used to control a Product and Service or even a process. The target is to control and therefore limit variation.
In a six sigma project the aims of the control plan is to assure that the improvement made from the project are sustained over time.

In simple words the control plan contains all the useful information about the proess or product, so the control quality specialist can assure they are on track of if not, take a corrective action.

A plan for a process typically contains:

  • Information on how to perform measurement;
  • Input and output of the process;
  • Performance criteria;
  • How often do you need to perform the control;
  • How to record the output of the control;
  • Contingency measure;
  • The owner of the process;

A plan for a product or service typically cointains:

  • The name of the item;
  • The important carachteristis;
  • Information on how to measure the characteristics and the frequency of the measurement;
  • The acceptable range for the characteristics;
  • How to record the output of the control;
  • The responsible for the quality control;

A plan needs to be easy to follow and repeatable.

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