Now we will look at the main situational challenges about the events.

The developers think they can suppress the daily scrum because they already collaborate throughout the day.

The Daily Scrum is a mandatory event that helps the team to make the plan for the next working day for progress toward the sprint goal. So even if the team collaborates throughout the day is also important that they participate at this meeting to improve communication, rapidly identify impediments and track their solutions.

Some developers skip the sprint review

The Sprint Review fosters Empiricism by giving transparency on the output of the work, the increment. With transparency, the sprint review allows the stakeholder to inspect the increment and suggest adaptation for the future sprint adjourning the backlog.

If some developers were not present at the Sprint Review, they lost the possibility of inspecting and adapting the increment. This can bring to a considerable deviation from what the stakeholders really expected which can bring to a considerable loss of value.

The Boss of your company ask to skip the sprint retrospective for a more urgent company event

The sprint retrospective is a mandatory event because it permits inspection of the scrum team and its way of work and permits adaptation for the next sprint. If you delete one occurrence you lose the opportunity for a fast improvement.

Just before a sprint review, a developer finds some deviation in the process, and the resulting product will be unacceptable.

The Sprint Review is the moment where all the scrum team and the stakeholder inspect the work done and assess if the definition of done is met or not. The team member can share his concern in this event so all the Scrum Team and the stakeholder can decide together where the problem is and what to do next.

What if not all the developers join the daily scrum?

The two main risks are that not all the developers are aligned with the work needed for the next working day, plus fast problem resolution becomes difficult if not all the developers are present maybe because some skill is missing in the events.

The product owner wants to join the daily scrum to have a status of the work progress.

Even if the daily scrum helps to give transparency to the Sprint Backlog, it’s not a status meeting. In 15 minutes the Developers need to plan the work for the next day and they don’t have time to waste to give a complete status of the development.
If the Product Owner wants to have this kind of status he can directly inspect the sprint backlog.

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