Now we will look at the main situational challenges about the Scrum team.

The Product Owner is to busy to provaide extra clarity on requirements, what should you do?

You need to explain to the Developers that the Product Owner focuses more on the desired outcomes than on the features or the implementation detail. In this scenario, you can encourage the team to directly work with the stakeholders keeping in mind the product goal and the sprint goal. In fact, the Product backlog refinement can be delegated to the Developers.

The Product Owner asks the team to pick another item during the sprint not related to the sprint goal for the customer happiness

During the sprint, the Developers are committed to the sprint goals, not to the customer’s happiness. So if the activity is not related to the sprint goal the Product Owner has no reason to push for this new activity.

HR requested the scrum master to provide a performance review of the team.

The scrum master isn’t the boss of the teams. He doesn’t provide a performance review because in this way he can undermine the trust within the team. Without trust, you lose openness and courage which are important values of the scrum.

The Developer no longer has all the skills needed to do a done increment. Therefore, they want to adjust the definition of done.

Before changing the definition of done the team needs to look at the consequences to change it. For example, removing some tests can lead to the quality of the product. Therefore before changing the definition of done the teams need to look if they can acquire the needed skills in another way, maybe with training.

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