Working with Scrum needs people proficient with the 5 values of Scrum. You can look at this value as a state of mind that people need to have or like something to follow when you doubt something. These five values are: Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, and Courage.

Commitment is to the goal and to support each other in the team. We will look that Scrum is all about goals to achieve and self-organized teams that need to help each other.
Focus is about people who need to focus on the actual sprint looking at the goals of the scrum team. This is important because the work is organized by sprint and people need to achieve the target in the timeboxed sprint.
Openness is all about transparency (one of the three pillars of the scrum) and the agreement on the work to do between the team and all the stakeholders.
Respect is essential because Scrum work with a self-organized team, and this kind of teamwork well only if there is respect between each other.
Courage is about accomplishing the right thing. Maybe to find the right solution even if it’s not simple.

I want to leave you with this image:

Scrum values
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And a link about the scrum values misconception:

For the exam you need to remember that:

Successful use of Scrum depends on the correct use of the five values;
The five values are Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, and Courage.

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