Welcome to the Professional Scrum Master II (PSMII) guide. This guide aims to help you pass the PSMII assessment and extend your knowledge about Scrum with this easy-to-use guide.

Before reading this guide, I suggest studying the PSMI guide.

This guide and the PSMI Guide cover all the content of the Professional Scrum Master Competencies needed to pass the PSM II assessment.

Remember that the PSMII is more than simply studying the Scrum guide (that is also useful), but it’s about getting advanced knowledge on the argument. For this reason, I resume the essential things to know in this guide that I know or I have studied all around the web. In addition, I wrote the references on every page. I also suggest reading these references to gain more insight into each argument. These can help you to pass the PSMII Assessment.

Remember that:

  • This guide is based on the Scrum Guide 2020 and other external soruce;
  • Every page have its references;
  • In addition to this guide, you also need to study the material of the PSMI guide for pass the PSMII Assessment;
  • Scrum.org is the owner of terms in this guide like Scrum Master, Product Owner, PSM, etc.
  • I can’t assure the exam result, but I can help you with this guide.

We deployed the PSMII Easy Video Course on Udemy; you can get it from the link above.
You can find all the material on this website, plus some other extra lectures and helpful quizzes for the PSMII Assessment preparation.

I hope you will watch it and write your genuine review on Udemy.

If you prefer, you can buy from Amazon the Kindle Version (even on Kindle Unlimited) or the Printed Book version. If you are not from Italy, you can directly search it on your country’s Amazon version.
I hope you will read it and write your genuine review on Amazon.

Course outline:

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