Before starting with talking with conflict resolution is helpful to withdraw from the five-level of conflict intensity Developed by Speed B. Leas:

  1. Problem to Solve: People have a different opinion on something. There we have an open dialog in which they share information;
  2. Disagreement: People start to self-protect instead of trying to find a solution. There individuals things that the problem is of the other people;
  3. Contest: People start to attack other people trying to win with their point of view.
  4. Crusade: In this stage, the win isn’t enough. Individuals think that other people can change ideas, and we need to remove them.
  5. World War: We want to destroy the other. We can’t have a constructive outcome.

The first step of conflict resolution is finding the actual level and de-escalating it. The target is to arrive at level-1, where the team collaborates to solve a problem in a self-organized manner. Because if it is possible, the best choice is to leave the team to solve the problem.

If we are at a higher level, the Scrum Master needs to act, how? as a facilitator need to ask a question, listen, and understand the problem trying to bring the team to find the root cause of the problem.

Remember that the situation can be an impediment to understanding and solving. It’s not people the impediment, and people are never the impediment.

If we are at a higher level of conflict, maybe resolving the situation can be possible for the Scrum Master (like the last choice) to remove people from the team. Because the Scrum Master is accountable for the team’s effectiveness. Bur remember that Scrum Master can remove people from the team, but he can’t fire him.

For the exam you need to remember that:

  • Scrum Team, as a Self-Organized team, is accountable to solving the problem themself;
  • If the problem escalates, the Scrum Master needs to take action to de-escalate the problem;
  • The situation can be an impediment, not people;
  • Scrum Master can remove people from teams for preserving their effectiveness and keep them healthy;
  • Scrum Master can’t fire people.


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