The sprint goal is made during the sprint planning, and it crafts to say what we need to do in the sprint, giving flexibility to the developer, as we know from the PSMI Guide.

But why the Sprint goals is really valuable?

It means that the developers focus on what the sprint wants to achieve, and when another task appears, the sprint goal helps you make the correct decision. Do you need to add the task about “payments” in the sprint backlog, or it’s not valid for the goal?
We know that the Sprint Goals is the commitment of the sprint backlog, and it helps with the inspection of this artifact. It also helps manage the stakeholder expectation “If the goal is to add Paypal payment method to the eCommerce website,” the Stakeholder knows that you’re working on it and not, for example, on the login.
The Sprint Goal also unites the Developers teams because they are committed to the same goals for the sprint. Because it can be only “make this task” the commitment or at the first decision, we can’t know how to act on the first problem.

But for now, all seems simple, but we need to know that there are some challenges behind the Sprint Goal definition.

The principal challenge is that you don’t have a sprint goal or, in other to make one, you make it wrong.
So the first step is to foster the importance of the sprint goals, explaining why it’s precious and providing guidance during the sprint planning. The second is to make it in the correct way avoiding to:

  • Put in the sprint goals the shopping list of the PBI selected for the current sprint. This isn’t useful and only provide a fake goal;
  • Put technical details in the goals because this block the flexibility of the team;

And when you finally have a good sprint goal, don’t forget to keep it visible and see if the team is focused on it.
In addition, remember that the sprint goal doesn’t change during the sprint if the sprint goal becomes unless the product owners can cancel the sprint.

For the exam you need to remember:

  • The sprint goals help to make the correct decision, manage the stakeholder expectations and unite the developers team;
  • The sprint goal on the sprint is mandatory. Every sprint needs its sprint goal. The Scrum Master needs to foster the importance of it and provide guidance during the sprint planning;
  • Keep out from the Sprint Goal the shopping list effect or technical details;
  • The team must be focused on the Sprint goal, not on the Sprint Backlog or the items in it;
  • The sprint goal doesn’t change during the sprint.


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